Posted on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Every interaction counts

Small things count – sometimes more than we think. In a company, everybody builds the company image – self-evident – but it often matters more than we think.

During a customer journey – when a customer is exploring goods or services, acquiring and using them, needing help or considering another purchase, there are many points, where s/he interacts with a company. Every interaction brings some kind of experience, which impacts the image the consumer gets of the company.

One thing that is common for all interactions is that the customer wants a response. We want the response fast and easily – be it from a person at a service desk, a web site, retail or some other place. How irritating it can be, if one either needs to wait a long time to get an answer on the phone, or gets a recorded message ‘our service desk is closed for two hours – all personnel is in training’. Or when you have left a message and don’t get anybody to contact you. Or if a web site doesn’t have the basic information, like a phone number or street address easily available from the first page. Self-evident things – but amazingly often causing a headache to you.

Sometimes you approach a company not as a customer, but in some other role – perhaps as a partner or as a provider. Then your expectations for responsiveness are not necessarily very high – and you may be amazingly surprised, when the response exceeds your expectation. A prompt, friendly response to an email or somebody calling you back, when you didn’t expect it, may fundamentally impact your opinion of the company. Those kinds of things make you feel good about the company – and often share your positive feeling with friends or colleagues.

There is no role in a company that would be too small for the behavior to matter. With good responsiveness towards customers, partners, colleagues and other interfaces everybody can contribute to the company reputation.

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