Posted on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 at 11:06 am

Enthusiasm is contagious

The other day I was killing time in a shop before going to an appointment. No intention to purchase anything – just spending some extra minutes.  But then my eyes caught an interesting book – out of all things in the world it was about crochet.  And there was this sales lady, who came to tell me more about the book, which was based on her master’s thesis from the Art School. She told me about the book and how she had earlier crocheted baskets, mats and all kinds of smaller things herself. But then she made this book and started teaching crochet for groups, and now she is already working on her second book.

All this was all so engaging that in no time at all I was trying out the very thick yarn that they were also selling – and of course I eventually bought the whole package with the book, some yarn and a crochet hook. During the weekend, three baskets were produced – but what is more – I started spreading the word about the book. I told about it to many people, I proudly sent out photos of what I had done and for sure, I felt that the sales lady’s enthusiasm had been transmitted.

What happened here was  a sequence of things that get you emotionally engaged and lead to action: seeing somebody excited and enthusiastic about the work s/he has done, seeing  the positive pride s/he takes in the work – and that leading to a customer also getting excited, making a purchase decision and starting to spread positive word of mouth.

Big questions to company leaders:  How to ignite the excitement and enthusiasm, how to get it rolling out and becoming contagious? How to ensure that the excitement of young people continues under all pressures of the corporate world? How to support excitement and enthusiasm throughout the whole career of an employee?

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